The Wolfie Report

52 Things In 52 Weeks

I was given a gift to celebrate two years out of the hospital, which I left with a less than 50% chance of making it half that long. Yes, I do believe in miracles. I also believe you have to show up and do the work. Which I did. And not alone, either. 

The gift of a book of 52 Letters allowed me to wonder: can I really do this? Can I even write a letter a week ... track down the correct address ... and send it? I can barely manage a few Christmas cards every year anymore. A letter a week seems impossible. But is it? Really?

And so, on this 2nd day of the 5th month of the year, I accept this challenge. Moreover, I intend to do something with it. I am taking it up a notch and turning my erstwhile Bucket List into a thing per week that I hope will add up. I intend to take stock of at the end of a year.

This week, my *Thing* will be committing to this project, choosing 52 Things from my Bucket List (only 52?!) and doing one per week. Maybe a tiny thing like putting things that are out of place away or making my bed every day. Maybe a big thing or a part of a bigger thing.

Every journey begins with the first step. I do not know yet. I am making this up as I go. You are welcome to join me. It might be fun. 

Wolff Atkins